What is OncoSTRAT&GO?

The OncoSTRAT&GO® tumour genomic study allows the detection of tumour genomic heterogeneity through the simultaneous analysis of solid biopsy and liquid biopsy for a more consistent prediction and personalized treatments.


This service offers important individual information regarding the development and progression of the tumour, and allows for personalized treatments.

The solid biopsy study analyses a panel that combines the DNA and RNA analysis of ≈200 genes that are part of the cancer pathways, that are targets of approved or research drugs, oncogenes, tumour suppressor genes, genes with variations in the number of copies (CNV) and >300 gene fusions to give a complete picture of the patient's disease.

Together with the sequencing panel, a series of complementary and specific tests are carried out for each type of cancer (IHQ, FISH, analysis of translocations, etc.) with which all kinds of genomic alterations are detected, obtaining information on sensitivity or resistance to different types of cancer. Types of chemotherapies or other drugs, allowing to further customize the treatment.

The study in liquid biopsy (blood) uses a technology capable of isolating the circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) in blood to identify genomic alterations allowing thus to measure and compare the heterogeneity of the tumour with the results obtained in the solid biopsy.


The final result consists of the following content:

  • Mutations present in the analyzed sequence of the tumor in solid and liquid biopsy
  • Association of mutations with tumor development and progression
  • Association of mutations with specific treatments
  • Association of mutations with clinical trials
  • Association of results of IHQ, FISH ... with sensitivity or resistance to different types of chemotherapies or other drugs

OncoSRAT & GO has the CE IVD markings and is carried out in an ISO 15189 accredited laboratory.

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