Hereditary test for breast and ovarian cancer

What is it?

Genetic analysis of 25 key genes in cases of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Among them the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.

Why is it important?

This service offers important information that can help estimate the risk of cancer of both an individual and a family group, establish prevention measures or specific screening programs in high-risk patients and thus take preventive measures or early diagnosis.

Are you a candidate?

This test is recommended for those who have two or more relatives (mothers, sisters, daughters) nearby or from different generations (grandmother, mother and sister) with breast or ovarian cancer, especially if one or more of them were diagnosed before 50 years

What  does the results include?

After 15 to 20 days, a report of results will be sent, in which the mutations present in the sample will be explained, as well as information on the implications associated with each mutation detected. For each one, it is associated with specific protocols and prevention measures.

What genes are included?

You have taken the test and now what?

After 15 to 20 days the results will be ready. An appointment will be made with the prescribing physician to discuss the results obtained. The final result of the report that is delivered correlates the biological cause of the disease with its prognosis and risk, allowing to offer adequate monitoring, prevention and treatment measures through genetic counseling.

What kind of sample is needed?

To perform the test, you only need a saliva sample in a collection tube. Blood sample can also be sent instead. Once ready, the sample is analyzed in the laboratory. The key genes are sequenced and a results report is generated which allows some preventive decisions to be taken in cases where necessary.